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Address Registry

AddressRegistry.sol allows users to register a CID as their canonical on chain identity. It also offers address lookup and reverse lookup functionality, allowing applications to find an address’ registered CID and vice versa.

Registering cidNFTs

To register a cidNFT to an address, users must call the register method on AddressRegistry.sol, passing in the CID’s tokenId.

    function register(uint256 _cidNFTID) external {
        if (ERC721(cidNFT).ownerOf(_cidNFTID) != msg.sender)
            // ownerOf reverts if non-existing ID is provided
            revert NFTNotOwnedByUser(_cidNFTID, msg.sender);
        cidNFTs[msg.sender] = _cidNFTID;
        emit CIDNFTAdded(msg.sender, _cidNFTID);

Note that a wallet can only have one CID registered to its address at any given time. Calling the register method from a wallet address that has already registered a CID will overwrite its existing registration.

To remove a registration, users can call the remove method. Transferring a CID to another wallet will also remove its existing registration.

Address Lookup

The getCid method takes an address and returns the tokenId of the CID registered to that address. If no CID is registered to the address, this method returns 0.

Reverse Lookup

The getAddress method takes a tokenId (of a CID) and returns the address to which it is registered. If the queried CID is not registered to an address, this method returns address(0).